On June 7, Partner Ramon Gilsanz presented at the IX Connections 9th International Workshop on Connections in Steel Structures. Held in Coimbra, Portugal, this workshop provides researchers the opportunity to meet and discuss the behavior, strength, and design for steel structures. Ramon presented on fire behavior of concealed connections for steel gravity frame construction. The presentation was prepared by Ramon and GMS team members Daniel Gleave, Andrew Dolan, and Sarah Ropert, along with Erica C. Fischer of Oregon State University.

The type of steel beam connection Ramon discussed in his presentation won the 2021 AISC Steel SpeedConnection Challenge. Further details about this connection can be found in our previous website  article about the award.

In his presentation, Ramon explained the ways in which this steel connection would mitigate damage in the scenario of a fire, as well as the economic benefits of using this connection. He also showed examples of existing buildings in which this connection might be applied, including 68-74 Trinity Place, 300 Madison Avenue, and 510 Madison Avenue.

To learn more, check out the official publication of the team’s full research here.