Gilsanz Murray Steficek’s integrated approach to building design provides technical excellence and quality design. Services include Structural Engineering, Building Envelope Consulting, Inspection and Testing and other specialty services for all types of projects, regardless of size, complexity or material. Clients include building and property owners, developers, contractors, building managers, corporations, architects, public and non-public institutions, artists and engineers in other trades on new construction as well as restoration projects.  If you have a challenge, please give us a call – we will help you to solve it – that’s what we do.

GMS’s engineers are always looking for challenging and unusual projects. Other services include construction installations, temporary shoring and support of excavation design, dynamic analysis for motion perception of vibrations, seismic evaluations and upgrades, base isolation, blast resistant design of structures and facades, damping systems, adjacent construction assessments, pre-purchase and due diligence surveys and reports, value engineering and peer review, feasibility studies, and code writing and consulting.

Structural Engineering

GMS engineers buildings and other structures using a variety of materials for a myriad of uses. In addition to new construction, we alter existing buildings, adapt structures for new uses and renovate and restore existing and landmarked structures. GMS’ experience spans all scales and technologies, from high rise steel structures to pedestrian bridges, timber connections to unique stair, canopy and ornamental façade panel challenges.

Building Envelope Design

GMS designs building façades, roofing and waterproofing for both new and existing construction in addition to investigating and rehabilitating existing building structures. We provide a quality envelope that will perform to our Client’s expectations for weather- tightness, structural integrity, energy efficiency and budget.  Our expertise includes curtainwalls, masonry, stone, precast concrete and specialty cladding systems, roofing, waterproofing, windows, glazing, skylights, repair, restoration, over cladding, Energy Code compliance, leak investigations, FISP (formerly known as LL11) and other inspections, peer reviews and due diligence studies.

Inspection and Testing

GMS provides design professionals, construction administrators and other construction team members with specific, detailed and timely information on the status of their projects.  Our dedicated Quality Assurance Group focuses on the early identification and speedy resolution of practical construction site issues, minimizing corrective work and saving money.  GMS understands the vital role that inspection and testing play in the success of each project, regardless of size. GMS is accredited by IAS, and registered as a NYC Special Inspections Agency SIA-266-NY.

Certificate of AccreditationSIA-266-NY
WTC Investigation
Forensic Engineering

At GMS, we extend our design engineering experience to investigations of failures. Our forensic services include failures of buildings, building components or construction installations, risk analyses and assessments, reviews of adjoining construction protection and/or damage surveys, support of litigations under real property actions and proceedings law (RPAPL), complex property and liability loss analysis, disaster and emergency response.