As a fun exercise, can you guess the correct percentage of women in our office here at GMS?

If you overestimated, this may be because of your perception. This article highlights how the “norm” of female presence in life may be skewed because of our reality. The reality is that currently 15.1% of structural engineers and 23.3% of architects are women. Since the “norm” is so low, you may overestimate the actual ratio when you enter a space like GMS where there are more women than the average statistic.

It is important to understand the “normal” that we perceive in our workplace since it can affect our view on who is speaking effectively and who may be blocking others from communicating without interruption. This article quotes different studies that provide insight on the “norms” of the workplace.

As of 2023, women represented 37% of all employees at GMS.

We had a wonderful time celebrating women in the workplace on Wednesday at our Women’s History Month Happy Hour. There was a great turn out and it was enjoyable talking to women across all the different departments!