Upcoming Talks: Façades+ and Building Codes.

This coming Thursday will be a big day for GMS!

Jose Mendoza, AIA will be speaking at The Architect’s Newspaper’s Façade+ Conference of 2023 on March 30, 2023. The event will go on for two days, with the symposium being held on March 30th from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.  at the Metropolitan Pavilion located in 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY. The second day will consist of workshops that will be held on March 31st at the New York Law School located at 185 West Broadway, New York, NY. You can register to attend the event here.

Principal Forensic Engineer Dan Eschenasy was invited to present at ASCE – Metropolitan Section’s 9th Annual RA Lecture on Thursday, March 30, 2023 from 6 P.M to 7 P.M EST. Dan will discuss building code requirements for Foundation Design and outline his views on the need for a published standard of care for geotechnical engineering, and the risks posed by the delegated design. You can register to attend the online webinar here.

Jonathan Hernandez and Mark Beltramello Present at the 2023 APT Northeast Annual Meeting & Symposium!

On March 3, 2023, Jonathan Hernandez and Mark Beltramello served as presenters at APT Northeast’s 2023 Annual Meeting & Symposium at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA!

During their presentation, Jonathan and Mark discussed the structural restoration and renovation of terracotta materials, which included the implications and challenges that they have encountered in the terracotta buildings that have been restored, renovated, and repurposed. As they explained, the buildings containing terracotta arches and flat terracotta arch slabs utilize terra cotta as a load-bearing structural material. Also discussed was the history of these floor slab systems, and how much they’ve changed over time since being developed in 1871.

A few of their more recent case studies that were covered during their presentation included Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital (MEETH), 2 Bryant Park, the Flatiron Building, and 230 Park Avenue South, all of which contain flat terracotta arches.

You can read the full program here.

Jessica Mandrick named one of ENR New York’s 2023 Top Young Professionals

Yesterday GMS Partner Jessica Mandrick was named one of ENR New York’s 20 Top Young Professionals. She was cited as “An advocate for sustainable structures in a changing environment.”

315 Hudson Street

GMS Contributes to STRUCTURE Magazine November Issue

This article for STRUCTURE Magazine’s November 2022 issue outlines the collaboration between the GMS team of Partners Karl Rubenacker and Jessica Mandrick, along with Project Engineer Lizhong Wang, and the building owner, Jack Resnick and Sons.

Structural Code Training – Seismic

On June 21, 2022, Ramon Gilsanz presented the differences between the seismic portions of the 2014 New York City Building Code and the latest released Code as part of SEAoNY’s Code Update Training Series. The course showcases the different design factors, calculations, classifications, systems, and inspections required depending on the structural makeup of the building.

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Fire behaviour of concealed connections for steel gravity frame construction

This study, authored by Ramon Gilsanz, Daniel Gleave, Andrew Dolan, and Sarah Ropert of GMS and Erica C. Fischer of Oregon State University, examines the feasibility of a new concealed connection for steel gravity framing that has been shown to protect connection components from the increasing temperatures and subsequent thermal degradation that occur during a fire.

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Tour Aerin Lauder’s Indoor-Outdoor Tropical Escape

The February 2022 Architectural Design features Casa Loro, a large Panama Estate for which the GMS team – including Phil Murray, Jessica Mandrick, and Ana Gallego – provided structural engineering services. The completed estate includes a three-bedroom main house, four guest cabins, a pool house, and a separate spa building totaling approximately 16,000 sf.

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High-Performance Concrete Flat-Plate Floor System

This article discusses the technologies used to allow flat-plate concrete floor systems to achieve longer spans in the 45-50 foot range. The combination of higher-strength materials, voided slab formers, and post-tensioned systems provide an economic and environmentally friendly solution for Class A office building construction.


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Deflection of Flat-Plate Slabs

The competing factors governing structural design and dimensioning of reinforced concrete slabs create opportunities for optimizing the cost and performance of reinforced concrete flat-plate slabs. Using a slab prototype from an existing building, this study compares designs using different strengths of reinforcing bars and concrete.

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