Last Saturday, Ramon Gilsanz, Founding Partner, joined a NIST/GEER team to survey the area surrounding the epicentral region. Here’s the report from GEER, Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance:

The GEER SC coordinated to send a small rapid scout team to the epicentral region of the earthquake to capture any perishable information that might quickly be erased. To this end, GEER deployed two of its local members Tyler Oathes (Rutgers University) and Jonathan Hubler (Villanova University) on Saturday 4/6/2024 along with several individuals from NIST/NEHRP under the leadership of Sissy Nikolaou (Earthquake Group Leader at NIST and GEER Advisory Panel Member). The other NIST team members included Ramon Gilsanz (Gilsanz Murray Steficek), Athena DeNivo (Haley & Aldrich), Seda Goyer (Geocomp) and Pablo Lopez, P.E. (Geo-structural Engineering with NYC DDC and GEER member). They traveled in two vehicles and conducted an initial scout survey. Early feedback was that there was no evidence of ground failure or other geo-effects from the event in the epicentral region. They did identify some locations that would likely be suitable for deployment of seismographs and strong motion sensors by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) who they are coordinating with and who plan to deploy early this week. The team members are also in constant contact with various NY and NJ lifeline authorities, all of who have reported no significant damage.

Based on information to date, it is unlikely that GEER will send a full team to the area however it is important to recognize that documenting “No Damage” is just as important as documenting “Damage” thus the scout team feedback is also important. Further, the ability and willingness of GEER members and other colleagues to deploy rapidly within 24 hours of the event is sincerely appreciated.