In an ambitious blend of historic preservation and modern construction, 50 Ninth Avenue, formerly known as 44-54 Ninth Avenue, has undergone a significant transformation. Spearheaded by MEPA Realty LLC and Tavros Capital, the project involved the renovation of nine existing historic buildings and the addition of a nine-story commercial structure. GMS provided structural engineering services, demolition engineering and structural special inspections for this complex project.  The revitalized site now stands as a testament to innovative design and careful preservation.

The renovation included the preservation of the existing facades along Ninth Avenue and West 14th Street, which were braced during construction, as well as portions of the interior party walls and rear walls. The preservation ensures the historic character of the site remains intact while integrating modern functionality.

The project entails a complete interior overhaul of the existing buildings to make way for new retail, commercial, and office spaces. The new nine-story building, designed by BKSK Architects, features a flat plate reinforced concrete structure with spandrel beams. The project makes effective use of high modulus concrete (10,000 psi), high strength rebar (80 ksi), void forms (Cobiax) and beam post tensioning to achieve an open space with no interior columns and exceptionally thin floors. The project team delivered an approximately 43-foot column-free space with floors only 14 inches thick, and a 53-foot column-free spandrel span. The historic buildings have been transferred onto new steel support structures, showcasing a sophisticated engineering approach with a well-coordinated sequence of removals and construction.

The reinforced concrete superstructure was completed in December 2022, with the entire project completed in Spring 2024. This development has already garnered recognition, receiving the 2023 Concrete Industry Board’s Roger H, Corbetta Award of Merit for Low-Rise Construction.