GMS Partner Ramon Gilsanz presented “Disaster Prevention” at the 2024 ASCE Metropolitan Section Seminar Series on Thursday, May 16th.

Ramon’s presentation offered an introduction to some of the elements that hinder prevention efforts and the mitigation techniques available for different resource levels to improve coordination between architects and structural engineers. The goal is to create universally accessible prevention solutions. By understanding the development and impact of codes and mitigation techniques over time, participants can better comprehend what constitutes a disaster and how architects and engineers contribute to disaster prevention. This seminar provided a valuable opportunity for engineers to focus their disaster prevention efforts to minimize humanitarian and economic losses.

Ramon highlighted the evolution from empirical methods to the scientifically derived methods used today. His presentation emphasized the importance of enforcing and protecting building codes. While effective engineering and architectural mitigation procedures exist, more universally accessible solutions must be devised, especially for countries experiencing greater poverty. The seminar was highly successful in conveying these critical points.


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