GMS is excited to announce our latest staff promotions. Each of these individuals  is a valuable member of the GMS team, and we wish them continued success in their careers.

Promoted to Associate Partner – Jose Mendoza

Promoted to Associate – Celia Julve, Daniel Kinsley, and Nirab Manandhar

Promoted to Project Engineer – Georgios Mallios and Cristian Vargas

Promoted to Project Manager – Joseph Raffin, Maria Orduna, Sara Gonzalez, Vicente Galvan, and Yanet Munoz

Promoted to Senior Engineer – Olivia Kalban, May Thu Nwe Nwe, Phoebe Wang, and Victor Tapia

Promoted to Senior Building Envelope Consultant – Fitzroy Henry and Angel Ramos

Please wish them heartfelt congratulations!


Pictured Above (left to right): Jose Mendoza, Celia Julve, Daniel Kinsley, and Nirab Manandhar 

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