GMS is a finalist for the American Institute of Steel Construction’s (AISC) 2022 IDEAS2 Awards in the “less than $15 million” bracket.

The nominated GMS project was the Cantilevered Work Platform (CWP) at the Crown Building, 730 Fifth Avenue led by the team of Ramon Gilsanz, Ken Oen, and Pablo Solano. This cantilevered work platform was a first-of-its-kind endeavor that will set the standard for similar projects in the future. It provided the Contractors working to restore this historic building with a safe environment while providing an unobstructed walkway in a world-renowned shopping area dense with foot traffic. The CWP is a removable 20-foot-long cantilevered work platform located 47 feet above the sidewalk at Fifth Avenue and West 57th Street.

Not only did the CWP preserve business operations, but its sleek design (compared to traditional sidewalk sheds) enhanced the spaces’ ability to attract city-goers to their storefronts and lobbies. Another challenge was designing and constructing the internal reinforcing required to support the removable 20-foot-long cantilevered work platform in phases while retail leases were updated.

Through the collaboration of all parties this innovative idea was brought to completion. The project’s logistics required both extensive knowledge of the Crown Building’s existing structure and an understanding of the additional work needed to make this unique platform a reality.

Although this project wasn’t announced as a winner at NASCC: The Steel Conference, AISC featured video playlists detailing all finalist submissions on their website. You can view the video here.