We are very happy and proud to announce that Jose Mendoza passed his exam to become an NFRC Certified Simulator!  Jose will receive a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) number as a Certified Simulator and he will be able to simulate/rate fenestration products. Jose’s name will also appear on the NFRC website as a certified simulator.

The NFRC is a leading authority on the performance of windows, curtainwall, doors, and skylights for the United States. With 30 years of experience and independent, third-party ratings data, the NFRC helps buildings meet the challenges of an energy-efficient future There are approximately 200 NFRC Certified Simulators in the United States. To be certified, participants must complete a 30-hour course, pass two exams and maintain annual continuing education. The training helps participants gain an understanding of heat transfer modeling software, which includes THERM, WINDOW, OPTICS and CMAST, RESFEN, and COMFEN. In addition, they become familiar with the Spectral Data Library and learn how to apply simulations for U-Factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, Visible Transmittance, and Condensation Resistance Factors.