The partners of GMS are proud to announce the following promotions effective June 1, 2019:

Tele Gonzalez to Principal,

David Hoy, David Shea and Jeff Stratton to Associate Partner,

Mark Beltramello, Aaron Doliber, Carmen Garavi, John Hinchcliffe and Alvaro Martinez to Associate,

Hannah Garfield, Patxi Goicolea, Ruilong Han, Teodor Ispirski and Dana Saba to Project Engineer and

Jean Laurent and Matt Hong to Senior Engineer.

“These promotions are a testament to their hard work and efforts to learn and grow as professionals. We are very happy that they are working with us, and we hope that they will continue to grow with us for many years!”, said Ramon Gilsanz as he made the announcement.

Left to right in back row, Teodor Ispirski, Jeff Stratton, Aaron Doliber, Mark Beltramello, Alvaro Martinez, John Hinchcliffe and in front row: Jean Laurent, Tele Gonzalez, Carmen Garavi, Dana Saba, Hannah Garfield.