GMS is again sponsoring the ACE Greater New York Mentor Program. Our staff serve as mentors to three teams of high school students to expose them to careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE). GMS staff have proudly participated in the ACE Mentoring Program within the greater New York City region, the founding affiliate of this national organization, since 2006.
The ACE teams of students and mentors meet weekly throughout the school year to develop a project which is then presented at the final competition against other regional ACE teams. And through the generosity of the sponsors and participating companies, ACE provides scholarships to students studying engineering, construction management and architecture in college. As the school year progresses, the students are exposed to the basic principles of each discipline and learn how these principles are applied to real world projects.

The teams use Mola Structural Model kits to simulate the structural behavior of real buildings. These models allow hands-on interaction, providing instantaneous feedback and allowing students the opportunity to really “see” how structures respond to loads and forces imposed on them. GMS was also involved in the development of the Mola kits, which were just recently released for sale.

Team 2 (Manhattan) looked at the plaza of 1221 Avenue of the Americas, where redevelopmentis currently in the schematic design phase. The students imagined alternative options for this space. Also sponsored by the Rockefeller Group, this was one of the first ACE Mentor teams to formally partner with the NYC Board of Education.

Team 6 (Manhattan) re-envisioned the office building at 1700 Broadway, which houses the recently renovated offices of Gensler (a co-mentor of this team). For the first three floors of this midtown skyscraper located in the theater district, the team proposed a black-box theater, along with ancillary rehearsal areas, concessions, a restaurant and office space. The students’ design calls for substantial slab openings to accommodate the two story theater space, as well as removal of four columns, with the transfer of columns from the remainder of the skyscraper above. Our engineers illustrated for the students how to calculate changes in live-loads resulting from the change of occupancy and need for local floor reinforcement.


Team 35 (Long Island) investigated a 26-acre site in Hicksville and proposed the development of a 24,000 SF community center. The team’s design included 7,500 SF for a multi-purpose wing, a 13,500 SF gym wing, and 3,000 SF of educational space on the second floor. The components would be connected by an enclosed glass rotunda.


GMS staff participating this year include Carolyn Bai, Joseph Basel, Mark Beltramello, Hannah Garfield, Jessica Mandrick, Kristi Miro, Joe Mugford, Alissa Oelsner, Ignacio Tello and Jacob Venditto. We congratulate Partner Joe Basel who was named to the ACE Mentor Board of Directors this year, having served on the scholarship committee for the past 5 years.

We look forward to learning about next year’s projects! For additional information, visit