GMS is very happy and proud to announce that Jessica Mandrick and Joe Mugford have been promoted to Partners.

Jessica Mandrick has worked with Gilsanz Murray Steficek since June 2007 and holds dual degrees in Engineering and Studio Art from Swarthmore College. She is a Registered Structural Engineer in California, as well as a Professional Civil Engineer in New York and California.

Joe Mugford joined Gilsanz Murray Steficek as an intern and turned full time after receiving his Master of Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2007. He is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in California and New York.

Jessica and Joe have both made incredible contributions to GMS since joining the team and we are thrilled to announce their much-deserved accomplishment. We look forward to seeing them continue to grow individually and collectively with GMS, and are so grateful to have such amazing people and engineers as GMS Partners.

Please join us in wishing Jessica and Joe the warmest of congratulations, and read their statements below:


“I learned about GMS in a magazine article as a senior in college. The article listed GMS as one of the ‘Best Structural Engineering Companies to Work For,’ highlighting the diversity of its staff and the diversity of its projects. I have found this to be true over the last 15 years. I studied engineering and studio art and started at GMS a week after I graduated so that I could work with Ramon [Gilsanz] on an exhibit at the Guggenheim. I have continued to work on exhibits and sculptures for some incredible artists.

The first house that I worked on with Phil [Murray] was in a flood zone, and with more experience and GMS’s support, I’ve had the opportunity to work on flood codes at a local and national level. Over the years, I helped GMS edit magazine articles, IBC code change proposals, and the occasional email. When Vicki [Arbitrio] heard of an opening on the STRUCTURE Magazine Editorial Board, she recommended me to the position. I guess what I am trying to highlight is that when you find an interesting topic, project, or client, pursue it or share it with others. I am grateful to GMS for being a champion of its staff and for sharing such opportunities.

I am proud of the work I have done here with all of you. It’s a nice feeling to work with some owners and architects for years, to know some existing buildings inside and out, and to have helped completely transform them. I really enjoy the free-spiritedness of the office and of everyone here. I have formed many lifelong friendships at GMS. I am grateful to work in a place with so many kind and talented people who feel like family.

The last two years have been strange in all senses. For the engineers who are starting out at GMS, I hope that you feel a sense of belonging the way that I did and that we nurture your strengths and your interests.  I am still growing, and I look forward to doing so alongside all of you.”

 – Jessica Mandrick


“I remember walking into GMS for the first time in early 2005 to interview for a summer internship.  I sat with Tim Barnard in the conference room. I didn’t know it at the time, but GMS would be the place that I would call my home. 

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with very talented people and make some great friendships. We have shared awesome experiences with each other, and I have learned something from each of you.

GMS is a great place to work. We do things that are exciting and diverse. We remove ground floor columns from 40 story buildings. We build new buildings inside and up through existing buildings, and we hang cars from the ceiling of the Guggenheim. 

We get to do all of this with people who care about us, have an interest in our growth, and enjoy engineering as much as we do.  We have the respect of our clients, the contractors we work with, and our peers at other engineering firms.

Thank you, Ramon, Phil, Gary, and the other Partners for putting your trust in me. I look forward to working hard with all of you to continue what they started 30 years ago.”

– Joe Mugford