The 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, organized by the International Association of Earthquake Engineering took place from 9th January to the 13th January 2017 in Santiago, Chile. The conference covered engineering seismology, tsunamis, geotechnical earthquake engineering, design of new structures, assessment and retrofitting of existing structures, infrastructure and lifeline systems, preparedness and emergency management of large earthquakes, as well as social and economic aspects, and urban risk assessment.

On Thursday, members of the GEER-ATC team who visited Ecuador after the April 16, 2016 Mw7.8 Earthquake presented several papers in a special session devoted to this event:

GEER-ATC Mw7.8 ECUADOR 4/16/16 EARTHQUAKE RECONNAISSANCE Observations: Geophysical Clustering, Intensity Mapping, Tsunami presented by Roberto Luque (UC Berkeley) on behalf of Sissy Nikolaou (WSP)

GEER-ATC Mw7.8 ECUADOR 4/16/16 EARTHQUAKE RECONNAISSANCE: Selected Geotechnical Observations presented by Xavier Vera-Grunauer (Geoestudios Ecuador)

GEER-ATC Mw7.8 ECUADOR 4/16/16 EARTHQUAKE RECONNAISSANCE Structural Observations presented by Virginia Diaz (GMS)


Virginia Diaz presenting at 16WCEE in Santiago, Chile

These papers had many authors including Sissy Nikolaou (WSP), Xavier Vera-Grunauer (Geoestudios Ecuador), Ramon Gilsanz (GMS) and Virginia Diaz (GMS).

GEER activated the reconnaissance team with funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the GEER team was joined by structural engineers funded by the Applied Technology Council (ATC). The complete GEER-ATC report of its findings from the reconnaissance was published in October 2016.

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