Last month, GMS had the pleasure of hosting 18 engineering students from California Polytechnic State University. Staff members spoke to the students about GMS projects and gave them a glimpse into what it’s like living and working in New York City, giving them advice on how to succeed in the structural engineering industry, and the transition from being a college student to working full-time.


Associate Partner Vicki Arbitrio and Partner Joseph Basel spoke about the culture at GMS and our work on a wide range of projects. Recent additions to the GMS team, Engineer Emily Taylor and Inspector/Field Engineer Nick Rofagha, gave the students insight into their daily activities both in the office and in the field. Last but not least, Associate Andrew Dolan and Engineer May Thu New Nwe got students ready for their site visit by presenting about their ongoing work on the Flatiron Building.

After a productive presentation and Q&A session, GMS staff led a group visit to the Flatiron Building, a project GMS has been working on since 2020. Joe, Andrew, and May Thu explained their work to the group and answered the students’ thoughtful questions.

Starting on the roof, the group toured the entire space, witnessing firsthand the ongoing structural work to redevelop and modernize the inside of this historic landmarked building. The future engineers explored the construction site and saw the concepts they’ve been learning in their classes implemented in a project at one of the most iconic buildings in Manhattan.

GMS wishes our guests the best of luck in their endeavors after they graduate from Cal Poly. Students as bright and engaged as these make us very optimistic for the future of our industry!