150 Charles Street

GMS provided the structural design and structural special inspections and also provided architectural assistance in developing façade/building envelope design details for the 16 story multi-use project. The enclosure is designed as a metal and glass curtain wall beginning above the existing 4-story warehouse. The building aims for LEED gold certification.

“The 150 Charles Street development is a hybrid building that is largely new, but incorporates a pre-existent structure, the long-abandoned Whitehall Storage Building, a gargantuan warehouse that stretches for much of the block between Washington and West streets and was created mostly out of brick and glass, but with some concrete as well. And although it surely stands as a large visual intrusion upon the ecosystem that is the West Village, the design team have deployed all their skills to incorporate it respectfully into its built environment.”


“It rises above that mid-century footprint in a complicated, but harmoniously unified group of forms, specifically two towers, largely covered in brick cladding in the center of the block that are joined by a steel-clad interstitial area that, because it recalls the mullions used throughout on the windows, feels as historicist as the rest of the development. Toward the west, these towers are abutted by smaller, but similarly articulated buildings that come up to their knees, so to speak. Rising to about eight stories, they descend in a step-wise progression as they approach West Street.” [The Real Deal]

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