Quinnipiac University – Crescent Dorms

Hamden, CT

The dormitory complex at Quinnipiac University’s York Hill Campus encircles the Rocky Top Student Center. This complex includes the 1,800 bed Crescent Residence Hall, a separate 204 bed East View Residence Hall, plans for up to 26 smaller stand-alone dormitories totaling 636 beds, and a 5-story, free-standing parking garage for approximately 2000 cars.

Our structural engineering services included site retaining walls, walkways and stairs to allow access between buildings. A wind farm, with 42 thin cylindrical wind turbines rising about 40 feet from the ground, plus solar panels installed on the roof of the Crescent residence hall serves as a symbol of new “green” technology. University officials estimate 20 percent of the campus’ power is provided through clean energy.

Architect: Centerbrook Architects

2011 Best Sustainable Design from the Connecticut Real Estate Exchange