Keep Off the Grass

Los Angeles, CA

Keep Off the Grass! Planar Landscape Phenomena, an undulating segment of lawn “floating” in midair, was displayed in December, 2003 through January, 2004 at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

The concept was to suspend 1000 square-feet of sod approximately halfway between the floor and ceiling of the 24-foot high display space. Sufficient structure was needed, not only to support the piece overall, but also to maintain the desired shape of the work. On the underside of the piece, 20-foot long, 0.75-inch diameter steel pipes oriented transversely connected via clamps to 50-foot long, 12-inch deep curvilinear knife beams which ran longitudinally. The beams, constructed and shaped out of plywood segments, held the oscillatory look of the work. A system of crossing cables connecting the peaks of the beams to the steel pipes prevented the thin plywood members from buckling. As a whole the work was suspended from the ceiling with intermittent cables which ran at various angles from the ceiling to several of the supporting pipes.

2005 Contract Magazine – Interiors Award Winner – Exhibit Category
2006 AIA Los Angeles – Design Award Honor
2006 The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award
2008 AIA California Council – Honor Award
2008 SARA California Council Design Award of Honor