In 2020, the construction of the York Studios Michaelangelo Campus was completed in the Bronx, NY. This was a unique project for GMS’ New Jersey office, who provided structural engineering services for this new 165,000 sf, two-story television/film production studio.

A project led by Partner, Anthony Pagnotta; Associate Partner, Brendan O’Malley; Associate, Michael Pugliese; and Project Engineer, Brian Bansrupan; the new campus – which spans across ten acres – includes five studios, accessory shops, wardrobe facilities, dressing rooms, offices, and conference rooms.

The wall panels of the structure measure 50-ft tall and 12-in deep, were plant-cast, and shipped to the site before being installed one by one. From wall-to-wall, the span of the studio is 100-ft, and the studio roof framing consists of 100-ft clear-span open web joists (measuring 52-in deep) that support 3-in thick lightweight concrete slabs on the steel deck. The concrete was required for acoustic reasons since the site is on the flight path for LaGuardia airport. Additionally, the studio’s proximity to the Bronx River meant the floor had to be slightly raised to be above floor elevation and meet flood requirements.

Throughout the construction process, Andromeda Advantage Inc. recorded a time-lapse video, providing an in-depth look at each phase of construction from start to finish. Enjoy the video below and see how York Studios Michaelangelo Campus came to life!