GMS is excited to announce that former Chief Structural Engineer of the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) Dan Eschenasy is joining the company as our Principal Forensic Engineer. He brings over 40 years of forensic engineering experience to future GMS projects.

In those 40 years, Dan undertook numerous projects of high importance, most notably in disaster response. In the aftermath of 9/11, Dan organized the structural engineering response at the World Trade Center which included the inspection of compromised buildings. He was also a member of the ASCE-FEMA team of experts that investigated the World Trade Center collapse. Dan carried out similar duties following Hurricane Sandy, coordinating the engineering effort in the inspection of over 10,000 buildings for damages.

During his tenure as Chief Structural Engineer of the DOB, Dan was tasked with overseeing or conducting forensic investigations of major construction, demolition, and building accidents. He contributed to New York City Building Code revisions since 2008, authoring regulations concerning demolition safety, underpinning and inspection of retaining walls. He also authored over 20 technical papers and articles on topics such as protection of adjoining property, party walls, post-fire investigations, and building collapses.

Before that, Dan held the position of Chief Structural Engineer at the New York City Department of Construction and Design (NYC DDC). There, he was responsible for the structural design and retrofit of public buildings including medical centers, firehouses, and libraries. Working for private consulting firms, he participated in the design of high rise office buildings and petrochemical installations.

When Dan was asked about what he expects in his new role, he said, “Obviously, GMS has had successful projects in many areas of forensic engineering. I see my task as complementing the capacities and establishing a distinct specialty for the firm.”

Dan has already proven up to the task, imparting knowledge and advice to his fellow engineers. His great personality paired with his vast passion for structural engineering makes him a perfect fit for GMS.