The Staten Island Zoo carousel, one component of a much larger redesign of the Children’s Zoo, has been selected by Interior Design Magazine as a finalist in the Outdoor category of the 2015 Best of Year Awards.
“The new carousel enclosure provides a transformable enclosure for a themed carousel ride.  A jewel like structure offering transparent views into the  carousel was the guiding vision for the new enclosure.  The enveloping glass façade is 50% operable for passive natural ventilation in the Summer beneath the shade of tree canopy and warmth and enclosure in the colder months.  During Winter, the transparent ETFE roof allows the full benefits of the sun’s rays through the bare trees to warm the enclosure.  Throughout the new area trees become an important feature in terms of aesthetics and visual quality of the zoo but also as a passive component of the building performance.” – Slade Architecture




Client: New York City Department of Design and Construction

Architect: Slade Architecture