The luxury residential development at 150 Charles Street in Manhattan’s West Village is nearing completion. 98 condominium units with estimated asking prices ranging from $4-$40 million (or approximately $7,000 per square foot) comprise the 300,000 square-foot building, situated on an acre lot. The project incorporates the structure of the existing 4-story Whitehall warehouse for the lower podium floors. Above, two towers are joined by a middle volume and cascade down to the Hudson River, allowing for spectacular views.

GMS provided the structural design and structural special inspections for this 16 story multi-use project. The varying areas of the floorplates required different interior layouts at each level. This provided opportunities for innovative solutions to structural challenges associated with shifting and rotating columns between the floors through slab transfers. Another unique factor affecting the structural design was the need to accommodate high loads due to precast façade assemblies as well as 40,000 square feet of landscaped courtyards, green-roofs and planted terraces with up to five feet of soil cover. The building’s total landscaped area is equivalent to the combined areas of four small neighboring parks.

GMS also provided assistance to the architect in developing façade design details and special inspections of precast façade panels and curtain walls. Five different envelope systems interact throughout the façade. The existing concrete exterior framing of the warehouse structure is clad with new masonry cavity walls and the bays in between are fitted with new windows. Precast panels are applied to the residential tower and penthouse areas, with glass curtain walls in between at the north and south recesses. Window walls are used throughout the envelope, representing approximately 70% of the façade system. A street-level storefront system encloses “townhouse” units and the building’s lobby.

The building aims for LEED gold certification.