Tipp City, OH

GMS provided structural engineering services for the design of a three sculpture series entitled “The Entrainment Series” at the Aileron Center in Ohio. The sculptures consists of three bird-like figures, each with a pendulum that caused the birds to oscillate in the wind. For this project, GMS designed several variations of trussed tower bases for presentation to the artist, of which a cross bracing scheme was selected. We collaborated with RVW Sculpture on the construction of the airfoil wing and provided structural analysis of the wing structure. Wind load values were provided by the Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group. GMS provided engineering for moveable parts and an analysis of the pendulum, which would allow the wings to oscillate in light winds and rotate up-and-over in a strong gust. GMS also designed the anchorage of the sculpture and the connections between components. GMS and RVW collaborated on a 3-D Rhino model which was used to present the various schemes to the artist and for the construction of the sculptures.

Artist: Michael Bashaw
Architect: Lee H. Skolnick Architecture and Design Partnership
Fabricator: RVW Sculpture