Structural Engineers and Building Envelope Consultants
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GMS provides structural design services for buildings, towers and specialty structures (Art Installations and Stereolithography Modeling).  The services provided are for new construction as well as renovation and restoration of existing and landmarked structures.

As part of our structural design services we prepare structural drawings and specifications required for new construction for the structural portions of any required work. Our structural engineering services entail:

•  Review of existing drawings, reports and other pertinent data
    relative to existing construction.
•  Review effect on any existing structure of new loadings and any
    proposed demolitions.
•  Visit site(s) to observe existing conditions.
•  Specify locations for exploratory probes and/or test-pits to be
    performed by others to expose certain areas of the existing
    tructure for additional observations, if required.
•  Design and detailing of foundations and superstructures for any
    proposed building.
•  Production of structural construction drawings and specifications
    for the systems and components designed by GMS.  
•  Review shop drawings and contractor submittals for systems and
    components designed and detailed by GMS.
•  Provide field visits and/or attend job meetings during construction.  

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