Structural Engineers and Building Envelope Consultants

GMS’s specialty services include seismic evaluations and upgrades, blast resistant design of structures and facades, value engineering and peer review, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, and forensic investigations.


Seismic Evaluations and Upgrades

We have extensive expertise in dynamic analysis and design. We routinely incorporate seismic design in many of our projects, dynamic analysis for motion perception in high-rise design, architectural stair design and blast design for physical security in threatened buildings.

Blast Resistant Design of Structures and Facades

We have performed a series of blast related projects that have included Analysis of a structure and the glazing; protective design of window systems; and Progressive Collapse Analysis.  We have participated in Blast related presentations to professional associations.

Forensic Investigations

Our investigations focus on determination of root causes for diminished performance or failure.  Our reports outline the description of the problem, detailed description by which the root cause and contributory factors have been identified, and options for remedial action including estimated budget costs.  Examples of this category include in-service vibration, fastener or weld failures, or corrosion failures.

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