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Affordable Housing That Doesn't Scream 'Affordable'

Sierra Bonita Mixed-Use Affordable Housing - West Hollywood, California

Sierra Bonita is a 50,000 sq ft five-story mixed-use affordable housing building commissioned by the non-profit West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC).  The ground floor provides office spaces for WHCHC and other non-profits while the 42 one-bedroom units above are reserved for low-income residents with special needs.  Steel framing with long span decks are used to accommodate the parking grid below and to minimize floor to floor dimensions.  Parking for retail use and visitors is provided at grade and resident parking is located in the subterranean garage below.  An outdoor bamboo courtyard provides a garden for residents from which access to the units is provided.  Each apartment has its own private balcony and common areas exist for the residents as well as for public use.  Laundry facilities and other support spaces are also provided.  

Owner:  West Hollywood Community Housing Corp
Architect:  Tighe Architecture

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