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News 36

February 1, 2013
CAN on the Moon at Canstruction

GMS entry "CAN on the Moon" at the 20th annual Canstruction NY competition.

Come see our structure and others at the World Financial Center, 220 Vesey Street, New York from February 1 to February 11. MORE INFO

- If you believed they put a CAN on the moon, CAN on the moon.
If you believe there’s something FISHY, then here’s something for you.
- Who said tuna CAN only swim?
- Its one small step for a CAN, One giant leap against Hunger.

The Team:  Eugene Kim, Alberto Guarise, Vicente Galvan, Mark Beltramello, Teodor Ispirski, Jennifer Lan
Main Ingredients:  Tuna Fish, Red Kidney Beans

This structure’s 4,200 cans will feed 1,544 New Yorkers.

Photo Credit: Canstruction New York and Kevin Wick Photography